Friday, December 31, 2010

Starting to get my life back

I know that some of you have wondered where I've been and why I have not been diligent in my swaps. Well here it is in a nut shell. With one daughter getting married, one in college, another one starting college in Aug. and another one starting in 2 years I found myself in the unfortunate position of giving up my days and finding a real job....with a paycheck.
We celebrated my daughters wedding on Oct. 9th and I started the new job on the 11th. I know, no rest for the weary. A couple week later my husband had a severe allergic reaction to some dye given him for a CT scan. Buyer Beware this could be Hazardous to you Health. He looked like someone had dipped him in a vat of acid. After 3 weeks of pain, sleepless night, and eventually his whole body peeling he returned to work. That was the week before Thanksgiving. I prepared our wonderful feast here because he still could not travel. We where thankful to have him on the road to recovery. Then Christmas came upon us. I'm not complaining but boy does this job put a cramp in my style. I had no gifts made or bought. I leave the house at 5:30 am and return at 5:30 pm with hungry children, husband, and dog waiting for the much anticipated evening meal to appear. Needless to say my art room was very lonely without me. Every time I had to go in there for something I could hear the walls saying "Come back to us, we need to inspire you to create something." Now that this year has come to an end, I'm looking forward to finding some time to do the things that make my soul sing. I'm dedicating every Sunday to church and art. So if I have flaked on you in a swap I am in deed very sorry. I hope you will understand and accept my sincere apology. If you have been following me and I've given you nothing new to see, I apologize, stay tuned for some wonderful things in January. I hope everyone has a wonderful Happy New Year. If you're going out please drive safely, if you can't drive safely stay where you are. Remember you are loved.

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