Sunday, July 1, 2012

Tired of Waiting

So it's been 18 months since I wrote anything on my blog. I surprised myself when I realized that. I knew that it had been a while but 18 months...... Anyway...... I have been doing some things and I hope to have them posted soon. I've really been thinking a lot lately about my art and where I want it to take me. I feel like I've really been stagnant as far as putting myself out there. I looked into my fully stocked card inventory but not one of them have been scanned or posted. Shame on me. I keep dreaming of making a living with my art but I'm not doing very much to promote myself. I'm tired of waiting for someone to knock on my door and say "Hey we've heard about your work and we'd love to see it". Yeah, that is not going to happen. I've come to the realization that if people don't see what I do, they don't even know that I do it. I guess this is the place to start, right here at The Art Buffet. That is the reason I started my blog to begin with. I wanted a place to show my work and share some techniques with fellow artist. I also wanted to belong to a community that wasn't available in my area. I wanted to bounce things off other artist for critique. Kind of hard to do when you're not showing anything. I need creativity in my life whether it's my own work or I'm ooohhhing and ahhhing over something someone else has done. I do believe it is time to reassess my artistic goals, get off my keaster and make them happen. On a lighter more positive note the Beach Babes shadow box on my previous post was published in the Winter edition of Somerset Studio Gallery Magazine. I really feel like I've got it I've just got to believe in myself to do it.

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  1. Hey it's so easy to get tied up with making art and living and forgetting to update - You and me both :)