Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Curiouser and Curiouser

I started this tag on Saturday morning. I spritzed it with Tattered Angles and loved the background. Then I stamped it and didn't like it at all. The more I looked at it the more I disliked it, so I threw it in the trash. A few hours later I thought I might be able to salvage it so I pulled it out of the trash. I used some diamond glazed on it. Let it dry and didn't like it. Back in the trash it went. I really hate throwing things away so I dug it out again. I pulled off the diamond glaze covered it with a face flower and started adding 3d elements for interest and texture. Ahhhh Haaaa it started to show promise. In the end I really like what became of my salvaged piece. Curiouser and Curiouser how these things work.

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